Cyber Crime Complaint Center

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Copyright 2000-2014 Engr. Antonio E. Jimeno, Jr., ECE. Cyber Crime Complaint Center. All Rights Reserved!

Mobile No. (0917) 445-9295 * Email:

Engr. Antonio E. Jimeno, Jr., ECE of the Cyber Crime Complaint Center specializes in Online Reputation Management,
SEO, Search Engine Positioning, Search Engine Marketing, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce,
Digital Forensics, Cyber Crime Forensics, Electronic Evidence Gathering and Documentation, Legal Research, and
Removal of libelous, malicious, damaging, compromising, bad, or simply unfriendly materials not only from the Google
Search Engine's Page Results but from the Internet as well. Including, but not limited to removal and tracing of fake Facebook accounts,
and other fake, libelous social networking accounts.

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